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Mechanical machining department

Manufacturing of industrial rollers and structures bodies made of steel

The raw iron and steel materials are processed in this department in accordance to the technical indications agreed with the customer. The technical office supervisors verify the compliance between the project data and those observed on the semi-finished product. Rolled materials are processed with turning and milling lines that can perform hot and cold operations managed through computerized work stations and Numerical Control Machines. Semi-finished tubes are joined with specific plugs to obtain a complete roller that hereafter is subjected to the last stages of grinding, balancing, finishing and final inspection.

Mechanical Machines:

• 1 Turning Machine(Lathe)/Cutter Niles Large Dimensions

• 2 CNC Turning machines up to 8000mm of table and 900mm of diameter

• 2 Manual turning machines up to 4500mm of table and 600mm of diameter

• 2 Mandelli Work centers with double pallet

• 1 Cutter/boring machine Mecof with 10Mt Table

• 1 Grinding machine 7000mm table and 800mm of diameter

• 2 Induction Taping Stations



over 30 years,
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In few years we have evolved from a small mechanical workshop to a large manufacturing industry, keeping the hybrid and agile character of the initial structure that makes us able to process both customized orders and standard production jointly.


Production & Steel department Director
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Carbon Machining Department | MEC Industries

Carbon Machining Department

Carbon Fiber operations

The industrial rollers made of composite material contain thousands of carbon fiber filaments impregnated with resin and wound on a mandrel having variable dimensions, customized in order to obtain the most ideal shape for the customers’ needs and requests. Our manufacturing process makes it possible to create highly resistant products, thanks to the optimal impregnation of the fibers and the linear layout during rotation. The manufactured roller is then covered with a protective varnish, it is shaped to have the proper size and plugs are applied, finally it is ready to be ground and balanced.





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The packaging and paper converting industries include a wide range of processes, from tissue fabric to plastic film. Each process has multiple stress factors that influence the production plants that hence are run in a very intense conditions. Therefore, our products are designed with high quality and tested for withstanding higher stresses compared to the required ones from the operating environment.

Mechanical precision department | MEC Industries

Mechanical precision department

Mechanical precision machining

For some years we have gained a unique role in the industrial automation sector, becoming specialists in series production of small mechanical components obtained from hot molding and turning. Our noble metal support components proved to be reliable, well designed and essential to the well-functioning of the finished product. The precision machining department includes 5 latest-generation CNC machining stations for steel, aluminum, bronze and brass processing.

Mechanical Machines:

• 5 CNC stations

• 2 CNC Turning (Lathe) Machines

• Treatment Station

• Grinding machines

• Milling machines

• Metrology room