Pressure Roller in carbon fiber

Pressure Roller


Pressure Roller in carbon fiber

The carbon fiber Pressure roller is usually employed in all the rotative machines of converting lines.
Coupled with the lower and upper Winding rollers, the Pressure roller belongs to the core of a Rewinder unit.
The applied pressure on the tissue by a single roller or groups of Pressure rollers guarantees the proper compaction of the bobbin being wound on the coil core.

Usually, the carbon fiber Pressure roller has small diameters (<125 mm) even for length up to 3700 mm and tolerates remarkable loads (100-150 kg/m).

All-in roller bundle

Our experience allows us to provide all-in roller bundles that comprises the carbon fiber roller, bearings, flanges, oil seal and more accessories in order to guarantee a more complete service to the customer and reduce assembling times.