Central Drum in carbon fiber


Central Drum in carbon fiber

The Central Drum is the main component of a printing unit, characterized by extreme dimensions. Indeed, the outer diameter can reach up to 2000 mm. The Central Drum brings the tissue in contact with the peripheral cliché groups that are in a satellite like configuration. Each satellite group consists of a Doctor Blade, an Anilox roller and a Cliché roller.
The use of carbon fiber allows a remarkable mass reduction (up to 80%) and hence lower energy consumption. The added value of the carbon fiber Central Drum is guaranteed by the better printing quality and higher speed achievable due to lower and dumped vibrations usually generated by the decorations of the Cliché roller.

All-in roller bundle

Our experience allows us to provide all-in roller bundles that comprises the carbon fiber roller, bearings, flanges, oil seal and more accessories in order to guarantee a more complete service to the customer and reduce assembling times.