Winding Roller in carbon fiber

Winding Roller


Winding Roller in carbon fiber

The carbon fiber Winding roller is usually employed in all high-performance rotational machines of converting lines. Coupled to the Pressure rollers, the Winding rollers represent the core of the Rewinder unit.
Usually, two Winding rollers are paired to guide the growing diameter on the coil core of the bobbin during the winding process.
A carbon fiber Winding roller could have a smooth surface or with a series of radial grooves.
Usually, the Winding roller is coated with tungsten carbides of high surface roughness (Ra=13-15 μm).

All-in roller bundle

Our experience allows us to provide all-in roller bundles that comprises the carbon fiber roller, bearings, flanges, oil seal and more accessories in order to guarantee a more complete service to the customer and reduce assembling times.